A Complete Guide to Install Neomow S

A correct charging station location makes the mower do better mowing. The important thing is to sketch your yard to get an overview. It is helpful for you to choose a good spot for your charging station.

How to choose a right charging station spot

The surface should be flat,no sploes or inclines in the immediate vicinity.
The station should not be in a corner.
There should have no tall objects such as walls, or trees around the charging station. Otherwise, they will cause the GPS signal of the station to be weak.
The location must be protected from water spray (lawn sprinklers, pool, etc.)

How to install the charging station

The boundary wire should be placed in the center underneath the base plate and be connected with the F port of the station, and the other side of the boundary wire should be connected with the B port of the charging station. Make sure that the wire is tightly secured to the ground in a straight line to prevent the mower from getting stuck.
The installation direction of the charging station is important. If you are standing outside the boundary wire and facing the mowing area, then the charging station's head should face toward the right. Conversely, if you are standing inside the boundary line, facing the charging station, the head of the charging station should face toward the left.
Make sure that there is more than 1 m/39 inches of distance directly to the exit of the charging station, the other side should keep more than 30 cm/11.8 inches of distance.

How to lay boundary wire

There should keep a distance of at least 20 cm(7.8 inches) - 30 cm(11.8 inches) between the lawn edge and the boundary, and make the boundary wire straight in a line.
Keep the distance between two fixing pegs is about 80 cm/31.5 inches to fix the boundary wire.
Create a non-mowing area for obstacles that are permanently in a certain location on the lawn such as flowerbeds, large posts, trees, bushes, etc.

  • First, you should lay the boundary wire from the lawn edge to the obstacles. 
  • Second, lay the wire around the object until back the same way the wire came without crossing.
  • Finally, Make sure that the boundary wires are close together(distance between both wires <= 1 cm/0.4 inches). Fix both boundary wires with the same fixing peg on the ground.

If you want to lay the boundary wire underground. The installation method is the same as above mentioned but the boundary wire should be buried below the turf by about 3 cm/1.2 inches and not more than 5 cm/2 inches.